Sunstream is an affordable and accessible for everyone solar energy making company based in Indore(India). Their aim is to contribute towards making a carbon free environment for a sustainable future.

Problem Statement
Problem Statement

Sunstream wants to build a Lead generation product to manage its huge number of projects and user lists which are across India. So it has a landing dashboard where an admin and users can track their Business contribution, lead stages, commission and contribution. when creating a lead generation product, we need to add different types of features like a bunch of list data tables, and data chart plugins to show numbers in Visual representation. Charts can make it easier to understand and interpret large amounts of data by providing a visual representation of the information.


Creating a lead generation product admin panel can present several challenges, including:

  • User experience: The design must be easy to navigate and understand for the user to effectively manage their leads.

  • Data management: The admin panel must be able to handle and organize large amounts of data, such as lead information and contact details.

  • Security: The panel must have proper security measures in place to protect sensitive user data.

  • Customization: The panel should be flexible enough to allow for customization and integration with other tools or platforms.

  • Scalability: The panel should be able to handle an increasing number of leads and users as the product grows.

  • Mobile-friendly: The panel should be mobile-friendly, as more and more people are using mobile devices to access the internet.

  • Integration: The panel should be able to integrate with other tools such as CRM, Email marketing, and analytics tools.

  • Reporting: The panel should have the ability to generate reports on lead-generation activities and performance metrics.

Our Solution
Our Solution

As per the client's requirement, we suggest them a good theme for lead generate admin product and customize accordingly. We gave them the best industry standards design and features to create their product. 

We understand the needs and goals of the users and design the panel to meet their specific needs.

We have used charts and graphs to clearly display data and make it easy for users to understand and manage. 

Used encryption and secure login protocols to protect sensitive user data.

We have designed the panel with the ability to handle an increasing number of leads and users as the product grows, and also made responsive design techniques to ensure that the panel can be easily accessed and used on mobile devices.

We have Integrated the panel with other tools such as CRM, Email marketing, and analytics tools to enhance its functionality. Also included the ability to generate reports on lead-generation activities and performance metrics to help users track their progress and make informed decisions.

We test the product and gather feedback from users to make improvements and ensure it meets their needs.

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